File Submission Guidelines

1. The document or page sizes should be the same as the finished
size of your printed piece. Do not incorporate bleed into the
document size, just extend bleeds outside your page margins.

2. Allow 1/8 inch (0.125”) bleed on all elements bleeding off the
page size.

3. Convert all fonts to outlines or curves whenever possible. If not
possible, make sure to include all fonts with your file submission.
Make sure to send both screen and printer fonts when using
Type 1 fonts.

4. Make sure all elements that are printing in Spot Ink Colors
print on their respective color plate. This can be checked by
printing separation proofs instead of composite proofs.

5. Do not compress graphic files (ie: LZW, JPEG). Compressed
files can cause problems when processing through prepress
systems. If you must compress files so that they will fit on a
transport disk, please inform us that you have done so.

6. Please use vector artwork whenever possible. All bitmap
images should be no less than 300 dpi, and scans should be in
CMYK or Grayscale format.

7. Whenever possible please send a copy of the artwork as a
PDF (Portable Document Format).

8. When using an application that uses links, such as InDesign or
QuarkXpress, please be sure to include the links (pictures /
graphics) and the fonts with the file when you send it to us.

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